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floor short

Common floor failure causes and treatment methods Floor knowledge Seam from the drum surface of the floor water: the installation process, it is inevitable that sometimes the glue is not completely filled with the joints. If the towing towing dripping water will cause the surface of the floor there is water and from the suture into the less, the floor substrate will absorb moisture, resulting in local expansion and has a small bubble phenomenon. In this case, the surface of the floor is partially bulged; Under the floor of the water from the drum: the surface phenomenon for the seams bulging shape is more uniform, from the water near the place more severe, far more and more peaceful place. Where there are such problems are: close to the bathroom, kitchen, heating pipes, air conditioning, condensate drain, windows and so on. Such as long dip time, the surface phenomenon is not obvious, can open the floor to check whether there is a watermark to determine the reasons; floor short seam from the drum: the performance of the long side of the floor of each short side of the joints are drums, Caused by. The higher the drums, the greater the ground moisture. Maintenance program: replace the floor.

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