In the Gym with Nelco

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In the Gym with Nelco

Just when you thought you were in an arena where the likes of duct tape, Stainless Stte Cable Gland and heat shrink tubing had no place, we break out a batch of ways to either improve or enhance your fitness regimens using these affordable and practical products. If you want to avoid callouses or rough palms that are associated with weightlifting, start wrapping your grips with a sufficient length of tape. Just enough so that you’re not grasping cold, often textured, steel when you pump.

Another good use for duct tape involves painful warts, callouses or blisters. Whether existing or impending, apply a little gauze and cover those up with duct tape before your workouts. This is also a great tool for runners and hikers who can experience these problems with their feet. You know professional boxers duct tape their hands before getting in the ring. You can do the same, minimizing potential damage to your hands as you punch the bag or put your fist through concrete. And don’t merely swing at the bag or in the air. Use duct tape on the wall and bags and create specific targets that will help improve your hit accuracy. Duct tape is also great for repairing balls and catching pesky insects that can accumulate in hot areas. Heat shrink tubing is a great resource for safely connecting and repairing your cables, wires and connectors. But it’s also a handy tool to have around the gym. Use it to ensure your favorite, but frayed, jump rope lasts a little longer.

The same application works for the aglets on your shoelaces. (That’s the little piece at each end which breaks off so easily.) If you listen to music while you run and have that annoying problem where the jack malfunctions during movement, a little heat shrink tubing (and careful application of heat, of course) over the jack and wire can keep it still. Heat shrink tubing is also commonly used to place company branding onto equipment, in the gym and out. For unique items such as specialized ropes, shrink tubing is a fast and cost-effective way to ensure your name gets out there. Remember to do a little investigation before you make any significant changes to your workout. Your health and safety are as important as fitness. Talk with your doctor, trainer or other professional about your ideas, or contact a pro here at Nelco. We have the product and the know-how for maximizing your workout and recreational facilities.

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