hampions Channels and FIFA 18 SBCs to Earn FIFA 18 Coins Fast in FUT 18

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hampions Channels and FIFA 18 SBCs to Earn FIFA 18 Coins Fast in FUT 18

New cheap fifa coins features you need know after FUT LIVE, including FIFA 18 Squad Battles, FIFA 18 Objectives, FIFA 18 Champions Channels and FIFA 18 SBCs. Knowing these new fut 18 features to earn FIFA 18 Coins fast for your club. Squad Battles is a new single player mode for the game, the difference being that you play against real Ultimate team squads from people around the world. What do you think on the latest FUT 18 features? Today we Upfifacoins.com would introduce the details of FIFA 18 feature to you, if you still understand, hope this guide can help you.Compete and earn rewards in the all-new single player Squad Battles mode .


Take on other squads from the FUT community, to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. In the Featured Squad Battle, you can also challenge the squads of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and build your team. Squad battles is a new mode that EA are basically bringing to single players but it’s going to make single-player truly competitive. It's a weekly competition in which you will be able to jump into squad battles and play against new opponents. Everyday there are four new squads, selected from real FUT community squads. You can see each one of these squads, the custom tactics, the formation and the chemistry. Every week there will be a new featured squad battle. It can be a member from the community, a footballer or a celebrity. This new game mode has the best rewards from all single player modes. Similar to FUT Champions, each win will net you a certain amount of points that will rank you in a rewards tier. The amount of points you receive per win will be determined by the difficulty you choose and the skill and chemistry level of the opposing squad.visit homepage

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