Unique Traits of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

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Unique Traits of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

For cable and wire management that requires a heavy-duty and affordable solution, you’ll want to have stainless steel steel cable ties at the ready. These products have proven time and again to be ideal. Imagine a high-grade product that’s trusted by craftsmen in industries as diverse as aerospace, auto manufacturing, food and chemical processing, and military. Professionals of all crafts use stainless steel cable ties because they provide a quick, flexible installation and secure systems in simple fashion.

Yet, their durability is unparalleled. Take advantage of these ties when environmental concerns like temperatures or toxins are present. Utilize stainless steel ties when systems are in direct or potential contact with water, dirt, chemicals, smoke and other abrasive components, to avoid staining, corrosion or rusting. Before applying stainless steel cable ties to your systems, make sure you are using the appropriate product. Steel may be one of the world’s strongest materials, but that does not make every stainless steel cable tie suitable for every situation. Each design has features that fit a certain tensile strength, length and temperature resistance.

Some stainless steel cable ties are engineered for outdoor use, while others are better suited for stabilizing heavy equipment in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The ball-lock stainless steel cable tie is a durable, permanent solution when your system faces potential hazards. Once employed, these zip ties guarantee security, ensuring wires, cables and pipes will stay in place and stay protected from unwanted elements. Stainless steel cable ties are also excellent for systems that aren’t very accessible and you need absolute certainty about their stability, such as pipes in walls or underground cables.

Ball-lock stainless steel cable ties have a pointed tail and a low profile ball that locks the tie in place. They offer a layer of security against corrosion and rusting, as well as vibrations which can lead to cracking, abrasions and breaking. These features make ball-lock stainless steel ties popular in industrial applications. They are used on off-shore drilling rigs and in shipyards and chemical processing plants. Nelco Products has a stainless steel cable tie for almost any project, however, be sure to know your intended application. A 100 lb. capacity stainless steel tie will be useless in a situation that requires a 250 lb. capacity tie, as will be a 5-inch tie when an 8-inch solution is the better choice.

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