Aliada Project

Linked Open Data from libraries and museums

Libraries and museums are memory institutions, both strive to preserve cultural heritage and provide universal and equitable access to information about it to people, communities and organizations. Such High Quality services help guarantee that access. So, they often share the same users.

As memory institutions which preserve the cultural heritage, documents and objects, both were created in the same cultural context or period, sometimes by the same agents, and they provide evidence of comparable cultural features.

Local information and heritage are particularly interesting to the web community because often they are not accessible by web search engines and, therefore, this information and objects are not open to the world. This is because museums and libraries have their own data codification and representation method.

If that information and objects were open or accessible by standard web applications, these local institutions could be more efficient because they could reuse related published information and datasets from the web to describe and catalogue their collections. Also, semantic web and open access to this information would avoid geographical access and language limitations to information and heritage around the world.


ALIADA Project

To overcome the limitations of current Library or Collection Management Software when sharing contents from libraries, archives and museums, ALIADA proposes the accomplishment of a tool implementing a novel approach to automatically publish, under the Linked Data paradigm, the contents they host. Thus, libraries and museums will achieve contents interoperability and thereof will add value to the collections and stored funds, favouring the reuse of public data, opening it to the world in a format that can be processed by machines and linked to other existing datasets.

ALIADA tool will be an extension of library and museums systems (ILS and CMS), offered as an open source tool, allowing expansion and customisation by third parties and taking into account usability aspects from the point of view of users, companies and institutions that will adapt it.

ALIADA will expose museums and libraries’ collections through linked data paradigm using ontologies, based on FRBRoo (that includes CIDOC-CRM). This will make possible connections with other linked open datasets, such as DBpedia, VIAF or others hosting bibliographic and cultural heritage data, and the development of new applications that make use of the interoperability and inferring capacity of this technology.

Knowledge base network example

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 Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.