Open Workshop on ALIADA 2nd Release (24 September 2015)

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Open workshop for external cultural institutions and IT developers

Are you a library, a museum or a cultural heritage or art institution interested in publishing your metadata as Linked Data? Libraries and museums store their metadata as 'information silos' because they use their own data codification standards. The new web of data (replacing the web of documents) and the semantic web technologies provide to these cultural institutions the opportunity "of being there" and to publish their data under the web standards, as the rest of the data providers do. The challenge of publishing under the Linked Data principles is clear, but how to do it? ALIADA is the answer, the first open source application that can be integrated with a library or museum management system to automatically convert MARC and LIDO metadata to RDF, link the own dataset to external RDF providers, such as DBpedia, VIAF, Freebase or the National Libraries, and publish it on the DataHub (CKAN) as linked open data.

ALIADA Project offers to your institution the possibility of testing the application on a demo site. If you are interesting in participating in our online workshop, please register here to receive the link to the live session on September 24. You will be allocated an hour to perform the test yourself on the same demo site and then, you will receive a form to give us your feedback. If you cannot attend the live session and you want to participate, please contact us using the email address

Open online Workshop of ALIADA (English):

Open on-site Workshop of ALIADA in Spain:


Dates GMT/UTC +2h: 
Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 09:30 to 13:30